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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On Kanye...

So we all saw or heard about the Kanye thing with Taylor swift on the VMAs, where He came up on stage and stole the microphone from her and told everyone that Beyonce should have won because she had "one of the best videos ever". Then at the end of the show Beyonce won video of the year and had Taylor come out so she could have her moment. Very classy of Beyonce. Meanwhile Kanye is a toolbag. But the best comment i heard came yesterday from my Friend Beth Lunan. As you may know Patrick Swayze passed away yesterday (very sad) but anyway, Beth had as her facebook status "I bet you five bucks that Kanye steals the microphone at Patrick Swayze's funeral and says that Michael Jackson had the best death of the year "

So horrible, but so wicked funny. Love it What an ass.