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I am an observer. i take pictures, I see movies, I listen to music. I am sharing what i experience with you. I hope it doesn't suck. That would be unfortunate.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

You already know this song - you just dont know it

Sigur Ros

DAY 27

Eileen on her last night in the states. She is in Scotland now. I am sad to leave you all! and am nervous about the adventure ahead! (But it really says, huh? because i called her name and she didnt know i had a camera)

Shiny Toy Guns

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crazy in Life

There is so much going on right now I can't keep up! My supervisor at work is going to possibly be out for hte next 5 months unexpectedly, and I am picking up the majority of her workload and responsibilities! YIKES. My time ot shine I suppose. On top of that I am presenting the awards at out ASLA annual winter party and have been pulling together the presentation slides, coordinating judging and all that jazz. Eileen left for Scotland which is more stressful for her but i planned a dinner out for her and all our friends. I did my taxes. Ian is coming to town this weekend and so I am going to take some time off to hang out with him while he is here. Everything is everywhere. Can we pull over? I need things to stop.

Monday, January 25, 2010

DAY 25

This is the view out of my living room as you are sitting on the couch.  I like the different depths in this picture. My building, the building across the street, and the library in the background. No the most beautiful picture in the world, becasue it ws incredible dreary out, but I was watching Lost Season 5 and decided to snap a few pictures from where I was sitting.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gary Go

DAY 24

taking pictures around my apartment. Used the fixed lens on this. I should have edited this but i didnt. Such is life.

Kate Earl

Music Education

SO my friends tend to look to me for new bands and up and coming artists that are good. I tend to look to my friend Ellie for good stuff, and she would say she looks to me. SO anyway, I will be trying to post new bands and song clips on here so everyone can get a taste of what I am listening to at the moment, Leave a comment if you like or dislike, or want to know more. I love sharing new sound with people. Enjoy!

DAY 23

Just taking some pictures of stuff around my apartment until the weather clears up and the world doesnt look so disgusting outside. Love the color on this. nice contrast and shadow too.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The XX

DAY 22

Friday Face Pic. Camera is back but don't have anything to take a picture of. Plus I am lazy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I love all the texture here, no touching up required. This is a full color photo too even though it looks black and white. Its driftwood at LaPush on First Beach.

Camera Update!!

Despite being ass raped by Canon, I will be receiving my fixed camera tomorrow! So Pumped! This is the one and only time I will be fixing this camera. if it breaks again. hello trashcan, hello Nikon. Canon can suck it. (Dear Canon, I hope that your camera will continue to work until I actually have the funds necessary to replace your camera with a more worthy one. Don't suck)

By the way, my camera's name is Kirk Camera. and my Friend Jen's is Candace Camera. So effing clever.

DAY 20 - Life Lesson


Day 19

Ian and I just doing the Slazinik thing. Acting like idiots.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DAY 18

One of my favortie shots. Awesome to see A great grandpa and his great grand daughter getting to hang out. Not many families get to experience that. And on top of it all, Kate thought Papa was hilarious. Dropping rocks is pretty damn fun.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

DAY 17- Caught Up finally!

Shelly's friend Mel and her husband John were in town and we all went on a long walk in FoPa. This is thier dog Chelsea. I though it was cool picture, lots of detail in the fur.

Don't get out of the car!!!!!

So we went to Lone Elk State Park yesterday and had a blast! (Me, Kristen, Chris, Jared, and Rachel) None of us had been before and we were itching for a good hike so we made a quick stop at Kaldi's for a coffee and we were off. It was really easy to get to, and we made a loop through the wild buffalo area first.(Thats right, wild buffalo preserve) You can drive through and are NOT allowed to exit your vehicle, although there i no one there to stop you. I personally would not take the chance because those buffalo looked pissed. Then we found the trail head and got to it. It was really muddy and we were sliding all over the place. There was a lot of topo so the hills in the mud were hard to get up but that added to the fun. We encountered a group of about 20 Elk and they were huge! They looked pissed too ( Might jsut be the general attitude around this place.) so we kept our distance and hiked around them. All in all it was an awesome trip. I absolutely recommend it. And it didn't hurt that we went to Dewey's pizza afterward, my favorite pizza. Good times

DAY 16

Just a little homage to my neighborhood. Its kind of a big deal.

Camera Update

SO my dumb ass camera is broken as you all know, and I sent it in to Canon. It is no longer under warranty, and will cost a cool $220 to get it fixed and returned. i am still debating, but will most likely pay this time and hope for the best. If it breaks again I am switching to Nikon. (Yes you heard me Jen, I am going for a Nikon)

Friday, January 15, 2010

DAY 15

my parents dog Scout. i forget all about the time I had to try for 2 hours to get her ass in the door when she looks cute like this.

DAY 14

Every year my Interior Design Friends compete in the IIDA fashion show where they team with Product vendors to utilize design materials and turn them into fashion. Its like Project Runway with Interior Designers and Wall Coverings. This yeah my buddy Brian was the model and a bunch of my friends actually designed and built the pieces. This picture shows my friend and neighbor Elizabeth (or "e" as we call her) hard at work putting a hem into the sleeve of a jacket that can double as a messenger bag.  Pretty cool stuff.

DAY 13


Thursday, January 14, 2010

DAY 12

This is from One of Shelly's and I's lazy days in FoPa. We were chilling on Art Hill enjoying the weather and I was messing with the camera. I have some good ones of Ponchito Sanchez as well. I miss warm weather and chilling in the Park. This was early fall, as you can see the Autumn Blaze Freeman Maples are already turned. Love it

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DAY 11

This turtle was chillin on the sidewalk in Forest park. Obviously a big snapper, but he didnt seemed to concerned with the people taking pictures of him. He finally walked off into the grass towards the lake, but he promised he'd write.

Monday, January 11, 2010

DAY 10 - Almost Caught Up

This is the citygarden in downtown Saint Louis. It is sculpture garden and is the big new attraction in downtown saint louis. If you havent been you should go. The sculptures are all meant to be provocative and get people talking. This particular tends to stir opinions more than any other, and has become the iconic symbol of the garden. This was taken before the garden opened. It would be impossible to get this shot now, as the garden is constantly full of people. There are 27 sculpture total and multiple water features including a spray plaza and a full service cafe and terrace. Love it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is Kate explaining her views on healthcare reform. As you can see she is very passionate about it and very matter-of-fact about things. She really has a deep understanding of the big decisions our country is facing.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


So I did a fun shoot with Kristen and Chris to get some pictures they could use for a Holiday Card. We did a lot of classic, fun poses and got some good shots for the card but then we messed with the lighting and they started getting loopy and we took some pretty hilarious shots. this is the cover of their murder mystery telenovela..."Horse Rides and Death" (inside joke again, I think Ellie might be the only other person who gets this one) But anyway, I have a bunch of other ones to post of them, so look for those soon.

Why so Serious?...

Friday, January 8, 2010


The week before Christmas I helped my friends Rachel and Jared Get engaged. Actually I helped Jared plan out his proposal and execute it. It was a pretty awesome set up. A bunch of us took Rachel out ice skating so Jared could get set up, and then took her to see some "Christmas lights" in the park ,and Jared was waiting for her with the ring and some candles at the edge of the grand basin in Forest Park. Pretty awesome stuff.


This picture is on driftwood and beach pebbles at La Push Beach on the Quiluete Indian Reservation in Washington State. It is the Western most place in the continental United States. You may know it from the Twilight Books. It is a stunningly awesome place with some amazing shades of gray blue and green. We sat there for hours just looking out at the cliffs and rocks. Ellie found these rocks already stacked and I snapped a quick picture. You will most likely see more photos from this trip becasue I took over 500.

 I am still getting my camera fixed, so I will continue to post pictures from last year until I get it back. Stupid Camera.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


This is from our CWE Christmas Party. Shelly and Matt enjoying a beer in my apartment before we went out to the bars. Love the candid shots

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pi in the C-Dub

SO Shell and I had dinner at the new Pi in the West End and it was of course NAILS! Great pizza, awesome beer list, and great service too! Atmosphere is super cozy and trendy. and to top it off it was snowing the whole time and we were sitting a the window. Good times had by all. Driving home was interesting because the Honda in snow goes over about as well as a turd in a punch bowl but we made it home unscathed. Crisis averted. And now I have wicked awesome leftovers for my possible snow day tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Day 4

This shot is taken from the top of the hill at Gas Works Park on Lake Union in Wallingford. The Aurora Bridge is in the background, and Ellie's Kite is what is flying in front. Gotta love Seattle.The Kite is affectionately known as "LaserBird". Inside joke. Too bad for you.

Ok so I had to post this because I found it hilarious. So nonchalant, but so my dad. I had emailed him to ask Bout our trip to japan this summer, because we were possibly going to be changing dates. And he replied with this:

Tim, We are still on for the original dates in June. The cost of changing=
was about $1500 and that is too much.
Talk later, we are chasing 3 armed and dangerous prison escapees right now=
. Later,


I just turned on mobile posting. Jealous?


This is my best travel buddy and longtime friend Ellie eating some risotto at one of our favorite Seattle Bistros. "Purple"


OK so I woke up on Monday and turned on Today in Saint Louis with my pals Art and Jennifer (even thought that Mike guy was filling in for Art, and he cant say a complete sentence without fumbling up his words, which makes me SO MAD...but I digress) AS I was saying, I turned on the TV and the first report I see is about an office building downtown that has massive icicles falling off of it and the street had to be shut down. I quickly recognized that shit brown, out dated facade as my own Laclede Gas Building. Oh great, my office is shitting out ice and trying to kill people. No injuries thus far, but here we are, on Wednesday, and the street is still closed, and the building is still on a murderous rampage, not to mention its really inconvenient at lunch time! STUPID

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 2

This is a good shot of Kristen on our Hike at Shaw Nature reserve. One of my faves.


This is my good friend Eileen doing what she does best. talking to mannequins. I am going to try and get her in as many pics as i can before she heads out. more on that later. First 365 post! well actually, lets make ita 361 project. I was tardy to the party...

365 Project

I am going to attempt to do the 365 photo thing and post a new picture everyday so you all can see whats going on in life. (Also so I will remember to post something here more than once a year) I hope i wont suck. Picture coming soon. Also, my camera is broken so it is totally legal for me to post other photos that i already have, or photos from my iphone.