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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I made it to the Big Apple.

SO I am sitting here in Terminal 5 of JFK airport, which by the way is the biggest Effing Maze I have ever seen. OMJesus. I walked for like 5 days until I got to the right terminal to meet Ellie. It was a long way. I had to stop and shower. Just kidding, but seriously its like Middle Earth up in here. My flights were good. the layover in DC was very short which was good. I sat by myself the whole way both flights because neither were fully booked. My next challenge will be finding the shuttle that we pre-paid for to take us to our hotel. (  I am hoping to find it before Ellie's flight gets in so we can just head on out. I haven't actually seen the skyline yet. I can see it in the distance but its just basically like a mass of buildings with the Empire State Building sticking out of it. Pretty nondescript from 15 miles away.
No pictures to post yet, but believe me, I will had a TON by the time this is over. Look for more soon.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I think I already posted something about this daytrip, but never posted a picture. Now you must go back through and read my entire blog in search of the original post. Enjoy.
This pic from my phone shows all of us forming a human chain to retrieve Kristen from the ice. She insisted it was safe but we didnt want to risk it so we went in to rescue mode. it was pretty much like Voltron only mildly retarded.


I know it s a little late, but I never said my pictures would be chronological. This is a pic off of my phone from this years Mardi Gras Celebration in Soulard. The second largest Mardi Gras celebration in the world! Here are two of my good friends Kristen and Chris enjoying the day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

DAY 54 : Good Morning

Hate seeing this time

DAY 53: My Work, In Progress

SO some of you may know that my first big design that i got to do at work was about a year and a half ago. i did the design, the construction documents, and the construction administration all on my own. and now its almost complete! Finally! Its a small project but I convinced the client to do some not so conventional things, especially for a health center in he ghetto. haha. Idesignes the wall, the lighting, the plantings, the materials, all of it.

Here are the latest photos!


Its officially 1 week away. Ellie and I's latest adventure to (fill in city name)

This season we will be hitting up the big apple. Staying at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Spending our days exploring the many great neighborhoods like Soho, Chelsea, the Meat Packing District, The Village, and so on and so forth. SO pumped to see the High Line park too. Good food of course. and just seeing what we find. Let me know if you have any good suggestions!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

DAY 52 More ESTL

DAY 51

DAY 50 - A Park in East Saint Louis?

Malcolm Martin Memorial Park is a park opposite the arch grounds in East St.Louis. We did some work in the park and had an opening this weekend so I snapped a few shots since it was an awesome day.

Tegan & Sara



OK So first problem, I am staying in O'Fallon for the weekend. Plus sides are, comfortable bed, all the movie channels, nice patio to chill on.  Down sides? PEOPLE THAT SUCK AT LIFE.

Case in point : Using the roundabout in O'Fallon at Greenmount and State St. Just approachingtha thing makes me stabby. They are really easy to use. Even people that are mildly retarded can use that shit, but apparently here in suburbia, its like deciphering the rosetta stone for the first time. This is not hard people. Use your reasoning skills and that one thing they taught you in first grade called reading. Yes, thats a yeild sign. Its a triangle, not an octagon. YOU DON'T STOP!!! THe point of a roundabout is to be a traffic calming device. It makes you slow down a bit but keeps traffic flowing.


OK Rant over. Happy Easter!