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Sunday, April 4, 2010


OK So first problem, I am staying in O'Fallon for the weekend. Plus sides are, comfortable bed, all the movie channels, nice patio to chill on.  Down sides? PEOPLE THAT SUCK AT LIFE.

Case in point : Using the roundabout in O'Fallon at Greenmount and State St. Just approachingtha thing makes me stabby. They are really easy to use. Even people that are mildly retarded can use that shit, but apparently here in suburbia, its like deciphering the rosetta stone for the first time. This is not hard people. Use your reasoning skills and that one thing they taught you in first grade called reading. Yes, thats a yeild sign. Its a triangle, not an octagon. YOU DON'T STOP!!! THe point of a roundabout is to be a traffic calming device. It makes you slow down a bit but keeps traffic flowing.


OK Rant over. Happy Easter!

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