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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back in the Mix...

Ive been officially back in the US for about a week and a half now and I finally feel completely normal. Having never experienced jetlag, I was ill-prepared for its komodo dragon like attack style. bitch.
It lets you seem like you are gonna get by with just a little fatigue, nothing a glass of OJ and a Five hour energy can't curb, and then it hits you. You wake up on day two feeling like you got murdered. Again having not experience being murdered, I can't fully attest to its negative effects, but if i were a betting man, I would bet this leftover, completely useless japanese penny that it sucks a dong. I felt like i had been hit by a bus, and not one of those cushy coaches with televsions and bathrooms, im talking yellow school bus with the steel grill and flip out stop sign. (Not only painful, but kind of embarrassing). I have been trying to recover and get sleep. But my internal clock was so off i was falling asleep at 3am and then forcing myself to wake up at 6 for work. Bad idea. Anyway, I am finally back in the mix. A few unisoms and a weekend watching the entire Series of "Weeds" has got me back on track and ready to take on the world. Just in time for some more 90 degree weather. Hey, At least I'm not sunburnt. (Knock on polylaminate)

BTW, Weeds is an amazing show, great storyline, characters, everything. I highly reccomend it. And Netflix on Wii. Its cramazing.