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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I made it to the Big Apple.

SO I am sitting here in Terminal 5 of JFK airport, which by the way is the biggest Effing Maze I have ever seen. OMJesus. I walked for like 5 days until I got to the right terminal to meet Ellie. It was a long way. I had to stop and shower. Just kidding, but seriously its like Middle Earth up in here. My flights were good. the layover in DC was very short which was good. I sat by myself the whole way both flights because neither were fully booked. My next challenge will be finding the shuttle that we pre-paid for to take us to our hotel. (  I am hoping to find it before Ellie's flight gets in so we can just head on out. I haven't actually seen the skyline yet. I can see it in the distance but its just basically like a mass of buildings with the Empire State Building sticking out of it. Pretty nondescript from 15 miles away.
No pictures to post yet, but believe me, I will had a TON by the time this is over. Look for more soon.

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Shanna Gourley said...

I'm so glad you made it to NYC! I'm so excited for you! You will have an amazing time. Great food, great art, great buildings, so much to see. ENJOY! Can't wait to see the photos.