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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


OK so I woke up on Monday and turned on Today in Saint Louis with my pals Art and Jennifer (even thought that Mike guy was filling in for Art, and he cant say a complete sentence without fumbling up his words, which makes me SO MAD...but I digress) AS I was saying, I turned on the TV and the first report I see is about an office building downtown that has massive icicles falling off of it and the street had to be shut down. I quickly recognized that shit brown, out dated facade as my own Laclede Gas Building. Oh great, my office is shitting out ice and trying to kill people. No injuries thus far, but here we are, on Wednesday, and the street is still closed, and the building is still on a murderous rampage, not to mention its really inconvenient at lunch time! STUPID


Courtney said...

Tim, you are a great writer! I love reading your stories! God luck with your building :O)

Courtney said...

or good luck :O)