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I am an observer. i take pictures, I see movies, I listen to music. I am sharing what i experience with you. I hope it doesn't suck. That would be unfortunate.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crazy in Life

There is so much going on right now I can't keep up! My supervisor at work is going to possibly be out for hte next 5 months unexpectedly, and I am picking up the majority of her workload and responsibilities! YIKES. My time ot shine I suppose. On top of that I am presenting the awards at out ASLA annual winter party and have been pulling together the presentation slides, coordinating judging and all that jazz. Eileen left for Scotland which is more stressful for her but i planned a dinner out for her and all our friends. I did my taxes. Ian is coming to town this weekend and so I am going to take some time off to hang out with him while he is here. Everything is everywhere. Can we pull over? I need things to stop.

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