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Friday, July 17, 2009

Do I know you?

Ok so I was on the loop having dinner at Pi (great organic pizza if you are interested) and we were going to get our car from the valet (because we are f-ing badass) and I saw BWaite walking down the street. I said whaddup and my mom said hi to him (yes i was with my mom, not so badass) and then not 5 -10 second later, this 85+ year old woman and her cane toting man friend came up to my mom and the lady threw her arms around my mom. She was uber-excited to see my mom and called her honey and darling. As my mom continued to make awkward small talk about the pizza, the hotel we were in front of, and a couple mentions from the old lady about her super senior man slave, Brian leans in and ask, "Who is this lady?" I had no idea, and assumed it was someone my mom knew, or perhaps a friend of the grandparents. So Brian takes off, and i see that the car is coming around, so i tell mom to cut the chit chat and get to gettin'. As we get in the car, she looks at me and says "Who the EFF was that?" (Sorry to use harsh letters)

Apparently she had no idea who the old lady was. The lady gave my mom a big kiss on the cheek with her wrinkles, lipstick smeared face and had no idea who my mom was. WTF? I of course called Brain and told him the news. He gave my mom two enthusiastic thumbs up for her acting skills. Seriously?

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