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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My friend and Co-worker Troy is a very talented graphic designer. He has created  a lot of images and logo around St.Louis and the country that you may know, like Lion's Choice, Great Rivers Greenway, and many others. Recently, at the NeoCon Trade Show in Chicago, he was given an award from one of the Signage Fabricators and he was honored with some sweet cash, and a huge graphic that the many thousands of attendees were greeted with at the trade show. Troy needed a photo that featured a design or graphic element, so he asked if i could do a quick photo shoot over lunch one day. We hit up CityGarden downtown (which if you haven't seen yet, you HAVE to. Its amazing) and I took about 100 shots of him in different positions and in front of the different architectural and sculptural elements. We got a shot we were happy with and I did some quick editing and we submitted it in hopes he would win, When he found out he did, he went to the event and there was my photograph on a massive graphic panel! and its featured on their website. I am really proud of Troy because he is incredibly talented, but I am a little proud of myself too! haha. Here is the original shot , and a photo that was taken at NeoCon. Sweet!


Sebastiansarrow said...

I'm always so proud of him. Thanks for the assist Tim.

Courtney said...

Did I ever say CONGRATS about this!! That is so amazing your photo got picked and blown up like that!! It's awesome!!! Whoo hoo!!