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Sunday, August 9, 2009

More like WORST BUY

SO I can't find my battery charger for my Digital SLR, and I figured that I would go shopping on this tax free weekend business, and get one. I make the trek to Brizzentwood and circumnavigate the cluster fuck that is Highway 40, and finally make it to Best Buy. I go to their camera section, which for once is not manned by nerdy McNerderson who wants to show me how great he is my using words that start with Giga or Mega. Guess what buddy, you work at fucking best buy. how are those health benefits? OH WAIT! Not so much. But i digress. I looked through the shelves that are apparently organized to help no one find anything ever. I find the batteries, and they have one charger that fits mine, and its 69 bucks! its a double charger, meaning it can charge two batteries at once. That is dumb.

A. Who needs two batteries? and upon further thought, that would mean you have 3 batteries! two need the ability to charge two at once means that you are using a third one while they charge. Excuse me, yes I'm gonna need the double because I'm gonna take a SHIT TON of pictures right now and cannot afford to stop for more than 10 seconds. NO

B. when did best buy become the refuge of compulsive camera operators? I go there because i am an amateur. what amateur needs a double charger? that's dumb. I asked if they had regular single chargers and he was all "ugh no" and then he scampered back to his post near the Guitar Hero paraphernalia. Best Buy is the Worst. Worst Buy.

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