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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I hate money

Strike that, I love money, I just can never seem to accumulate any of it. I do you say?...ah yes....POOR. I am battling credit card debt, rent, car insurance, car payment, and a few other random costs. This leaves me with about enough money to buy groceries, gas, a few beers, and I'm spent. Who needs to save money anyway? Let us not forget about the Personal Property tax I have to pay every year to the great state of Missouri (Fuck you very much! i love payig tax on my car every year. And the fact that its based on resale value is great, lets Eff over people who do research before they buy cars and get ones that have good gas mileage and resale value. Oh you are helping the economy and the environment? we better fuck you over big time then!) and the Licensure Exams I am currently paying for that add up to a cool 1800 bucks by the end. LOVE IT! Can someone seriously just give me like 10K so I can pay everything off, get some money in savings and call it a  day? Is that too much to ask?


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Jolene said...

We are in the same boat sir. If I had 10K right now, my life would be a totally different thing.
I'm sorry. I feel your pain!