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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some things I've learned about Okinawa.

Here are a few important facts I've learned about Okinawa, Japan in the past 3 days.

1.Okinawan culture is different that traditional Japanese culture in many ways. They were part of thier own empire, the Ryukyu Empire, and have many traditions that are specifically Okinawan.

2. They all drive tiny little cars that have crazy names like the "Sexy" and the "Naked", and they dont stop for ambulances.

3. There are crazy bugs here like big fuzzy caterpillars that are poisonous to the touch.

4. They love vending machines and have them everywhere, even on the side of the road. They will pull over, or even just stop and put on hazards, get out and go to the vending machines which have hot and cold drinks. The juices are crazy good.

You can make everything better by saying Arigato gozaimas. (Thank you very much)

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