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Thursday, June 10, 2010


OK so you may know that I am currently traveling to Japan to see Ian/Courtney/Kate/Emma and I am currently sitting in Seoul Airport waiting for our next fight. Free WIFI = Epic Win, so I am posting. SO far so good on the trip status. The flight to LA consisted of watching Avatar, so that was easy, then the wait at LAX was crap. that Airport sucks a dong. there was like one store in the whole terminal and they had crap wraps for like 12 bucks a piece. SUCK.

THe Asiana flight to Seoul has been pretty awesome. This Airline rocks. The service is awesome, the two full hot meals we got were awesome. and the flight went by pretty quickly. Now we are chilling in the Incheon airport and biding our time until we head out for Okinawa. Almost there.

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Jennifer said...

First, loving the new blog background!
Second, have a blast!!