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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sledding can be deadly

If you haven't heard, St.Louis and the rest of the Midwest has recently received a ton of snow. Being the adult that I am, I organized a small sledding excursion to none other that Art Hill in Forest Park. I was joined by my friends Cara and Cody. We had about an hour of sledding magic, running into hay bails and getting snow pretty much everywhere, and then Cara decided that a break was needed. We all agreed that some rest was in order, and took a seat on the hay bails to watch a few other sledders biff on the way down. We saw a large inner tube coming our way and we dove out of the way. As we jumped to avoid collision the clover shaped inner tube, we turned to see it pummel through the hay bails, and as we screamed to warn them of the 4 foot drop onto the ice covered Grand Basin, they inched towards, and then toppled over the edge. Luckily the ice over the lake was thick and solid. Cody and I jumped down onto the ice and Cara was ready at the edge as we handed two young children up to her. I jumped back up to make sure the little boy and girl were OK, while Cody helped the dad, and the third child, a special needs boy, get up, and back off the ice. All the kids were crying but seemed fine. We couldn't tell what condition the third child had but he seemed pretty upset and the dad seemed embarrassed with the whole ordeal. In the end, we had done our good deed for the day, and after one more run down the hill, we headed home to warm up. Never a dull moment at Art Hill.

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