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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I learned this week.

I Went to the Park today after about 8 inches of snow fell last night. I learned a few things.
1. Having a camera backpack to carry your lenses, keys, and tripod is awesome.
2. To photograph nature, you have to be patient. I waited for a lot of animals to move to good postions. I had to be stil lso they wouldnt run/hop/fly away.
3. Blurry can be a good thing. If you dont have a certain focal point that needs to be in focus, you can get some really great effects by manually focusing.

I got some great shots but I liked these two! (Sorry Courtney, I couldn't choose!)


Martha said...

These are great. Squirrels are such pests but I can't resist photographing their fuzzy little faces.

Courtney said...

ha ha I'll let the two slide this time :O) he he I love these! I love that you got out in the snow to take photos!! We totally need to do that! Love the one of the squirrel!! I like how the branches are in the way and it's totally in it's zone :O) Great job!