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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Figure Skaters will cut a bitch.

OK so I am sitting here watching the Women's figure skating long programs (They all seem long to me), and I am thinking, are the twirly things all that hard? I get that the jumps are very difficult, and there is not way in hell I could turn myself around three times in the air and land on my feet. That is some gravity defying shit. But the rest of the program is just fluff. Are they really interpreting anything? the music is always boring, the jazz hands area nice touch but all anyone even worries about are the jumps. The commentators don't get all excited when they do spins and awkward faces, so why bother? I say do the jumps, either land them, or biff and fall on your face, and then get off the ice. If I liked classical music I would...well...ok I don't know what i would do, but I probably wouldn't have many friends.

Just do the jumps ladies, I would be more specific but i cant spell salchow and axle correctly. Oh wait, I just did. Skidoosh

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