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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The most Superest Gym EVER.

Ok so I bit the bullet and joined a gym. It was time, and I have been wanting to try and start lifting weights again and just being healthier. So I chose to join Snap Fitness in the CWE, because it is close, but also because it is a chain and I can work out wih Kristen and Chris in Clayton, should our schedules align.

I go in to sign up, and the guy that is working there. We will call him Kevin, becasue it is so perfect, and also becasue that is his real name. (I am not protecting anyone here) I am in work clothes, basically give him my credit card and am obviously in a hurry to get out of there. He is being all peppy, excersicy, happy annoying. He asks me what my goals are, I say " Just want to start working out again" and in my mind I am thinking, hey dipshit, I'm fat, duh. I really take issue with gym workers. The peppy attitude may be super with your clients that are training for marathons and climbing expeditions, but for the majority of us, we would rather you shut your dirty face and leave us to our own eliptical devices. He wanted to give me a tour of the facility, which for the record is no bigger than my apartment. I almost asked who I should call if I get lost . Seriously? I told him I managed the gym at U of I but he didnt seem to get that part. The part where I effing managed the largest collegiate recreation facility in the country. Yeah that one. I think I can handle one room. I took my key card with my super bright red lanyard and skipped off into the sunset.

Something tells me Kevin and I are not BFF's.

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Shanna Gourley said...

someone finally said it! I hate those fitter than thou gym worker people. Yes, hotpants, we know you work out, just let me attempt to consistently show up here and then let's talk. Please let us know if you punch Kevin in the face.