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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bedspreads have coodies, and a lot of other stuff

SO in preparation for Ellie and I's NYC trip, we were debating which hotel to stay in. As you may know Ellie has the hookup on hotels so out selection is pretty sweet. We were perusing some options and I came across one that showed the pictures of the bedroom with a floral bedspread. VOMIT. We all have heard the stories about the hotel bedspread that have everything from tomato sauce to love mayonaise on them and I cannot believe that a hotel that claims to be contmporary would advertise these. Mind you, the hotels we are looking at are inthe $300-400 a night range, which makes this even more unnaceptable! Ellie and I agreed that we will not be staying at anyplace that has bedspreads. They are itchy, scratchy, dirty, and I for one do not want to get the Herp.


Jennifer said...

pooter, I love you, but it is "cooties"

Courtney said...

That is too funny!! I feel the EXACT same way! I call it the sex blanket and we throw that sucker on the floor and DO NOT sleep under it!